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Changing the Game

We know how important it is for your guests to have a top notch experience and that doing so requires being fully staffed with skilled and happy employees. The work landscape has changed and employee expectations have evolved. Automation is changing roles while employees are expecting more flexibility, pay, transparency, and career pathing.


HospitalityHero’s advanced technology will give you the platform you need to efficiently manage your changing workforce and provide a better employee experience. You’ll see improvements in retention, hiring, and scheduling just to name a few of our benefits!

Advanced Solutions

  • Predictive scheduling that accounts for employee skillset and suggests alternative shifts using AI

  • AI based training offered to employees across their lifecycle making it easier to up-skill and fill vacancies  

  • Employee friendly portal with increased access to wages and rewards

  • Automated screening and other hiring enhancements to speed up your ability to fill open roles

  • And more! 

"A shortage of workers is the most significant challenge being faced by the hotel industry"

Anthony Capuano (CEO - Marriott International)


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